Protection Plus Maintenance

$5.95 per month!

Protection Plus Maintenance


Ensure the wiring and jacks in your home that run your phone, internet and video services stay in proper working order. It eliminates the future costs of having to repair faulty wiring or cabling associated with WTC Services.


What it covers

  • Repair or replacement of telephone/ data/video wiring for WTC services up to and including the jack
  • Connecting new TVs to STBs
  • Replacing / Programming Remotes
  • Adjusting input on back of STB
  • Accidental damage, such as animals chewing on cables or insect damage


What is not covered

  • Wiring during new construction or remodeling
  • Moving service to another address
  • $25 Service move fee
  • New cabling charge
  • Working on customer owned/other providers equipment


What you will save!!

  • Labor charges
  • Repairing or replacing telephone/data/video wiring up to and including the jack.
  • $30 Trip Charge
  • Connecting new TVs to STBs
  • Replacing/programming remotes
  • Repairing customer-caused issues