Speeds from 20Mb to 1Gb

Protection Plus Maintenance


$5.95 / month


Covers the maintenance of professionally installed equipment for Voice, Video and Internet. Eliminates future costs of having to repair faulty wiring or cabling along with service troubleshooting.




What's Covered

  • Repair or replacement of telephone/ data/video wiring for WTC services up to and including the jack
  • Connecting new TVs to STBs
  • Replacing / Programming Remotes
  • Adjusting input on back of STB
  • Accidental damage, such as animals chewing on cables or insect damage

What's Not Covered

  • Wiring during new construction or remodeling
  • Moving service to another address
  • $25 Service move fee
  • New cabling charge
  • Working on customer owned/other providers equipment

What You'll Save

  • Labor charges
  • Repairing or replacing telephone/data/video wiring up to and including the jack.
  • $30 Trip Charge
  • Connecting new TVs to STBs
  • Replacing/programming remotes
  • Repairing customer-caused issues
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