Video Surveillance


WTC provides business customers with a Video Surveillance strategy to meet their company’s needs. Watch over your business from anywhere in the world. No matter your facility’s size or individual requirements, WTC can provide a customized surveillance system to keep a watchful eye over your assets.




Intuitive Interface

  • An intuitive web interface allows you to view your camera feed and past recordings with ease. Look over your business on the go with a mobile app for iOS and Android.




  • With an IP-based system, we can easily add more cameras as your business grows. 




High Performance Cameras

  • Full HD cameras equipped with microphones and infrared sensors allow you to see detailed video even in complete darkness. Indoor and outdoor options available!  


Feature Packed

  • Record full time or only when motion is detected. Set custom motion-detection zones and receive email alerts if there is ever unexpected motion.

Why Do I Need Video Surveillance?


Crime Prevention

  • On its basic level, having cameras covering your business can be a deterrent to crime. If businesses are located next to each other, and one has cameras while the other does not, the likelihood is high that an opportunistic thief will choose a “softer” target.


Risk Reduction

  • One of the many benefits to an IP Video surveillance system is the reduction of risk due to false claims for falls or accidents. Many users reference their video footage to investigate accident claims. When necessary, they make key changes to help reduce claims. The system also acts as a deterrent for false or fraudulent claims.


Increased Production

  • Another great benefit of this type of system is identifying efficiencies in your production processes and procedures. From traffic flow to resource locations in warehouses, you may find unknown savings in time and increased production.


Forensic Value

  • Video Surveillance Systems help solve crimes. When a crime of some sort occurs, the first question law enforcement usually ask is, “Do you have a surveillance system?” The number one way to identify suspects of a physical crime is to have a high-quality image of the assailant. The higher quality of the video, the better the chance of capturing identifiable aspects of the assailant.


Cost Reduction

  • A Video System should be looked at as an investment, and you should expect a return. By reducing wasted time, increasing production, reducing threats and lowering internal and external theft and increasing the satisfaction of customer and employee experience, you can realize savings that will affect the bottom line.


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