No Dial Tone

Last Updated: April 25, 2024


This is a quick guide to help you troubleshoot issues that could cause no dial tone on your line or telephone. Please follow the steps below to help you test your line.

  • Please make sure that all the phones are hung up in the house.


  • If you have no dial tone on your line and you have an additional telephone, please check the other telephone for dial tone. If your other phone has dial tone then you could be having an issue with your telephone or with the wiring to your wall jack.


  • In the event if you do not have a second telephone, please try moving your existing telephone to another wall jack if possible to test the service there.


  • If you have cordless phones that are relayed to a base station; check the base station to make sure that it is still receiving power, and the phone line is still securely in the wall jack and telephone base station.


  • You can also try using another phone to call your home phone to see if it will ring or if you get an operator message when dialing the number.


  • If you are a VoIP customer, please verify that you have Internet services. This can be a good indication as to why your phone will not work.


  • For customers that have any other services with us please check those as well. If you have more than one service down at a time this can indicate that something may have become unplugged at the demarcation point. You can check this by looking outside where the services come into the house and on the opposite side of the wall to see if anything is unplugged or cut.


  • If you are still having issues at this point you could most likely be part of an outage or some other service effecting issue. You will want to contact the 24/7 Help Desk at 877-982-1912 for further assistance with your issue.


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