Renting and Watching VOD

Last Updated: May 03, 2022


Renting a VoD Rental


Step 1:Pick a Rental

Select your VoD rental choice and press OK.


Step 2: Rent

Highlight Rent and press OK.


Step 3: Confirm Your Rental

The confirmation screen appears. If you want other users to be able to watch this VoD Rental, highlight the Share Rental check box and press OK. Now highlight the text box next to Enter PIN and use the Number Pad to enter your PIN, then highlight Rent and press OK to confirm your VoD Rental.

Watching Your VoD Rental

You can play your VoD Rental from Rentals or from your Vault. 


To access Vault, press Menu, arrow to Vault, press OK.

Step 1: Pick Your Rental

Highlight your VoD Rental and press OK.


Step 2: Play Your Rental

Highlight Play From Start and press OK to start play at the beginning of the program.If you have already watched part of the program and want to pick up where you left off, highlight Play From Last and press OK.


Controlling Rental Playback

While watching a VoD Rental, you can use the Playback Control Buttonson your remote to pause, rewind, fast forward or stop playback. 

Press PAUSE to halt playback at the current point.
Press REWIND or FAST FORWARD to reverse or advance playback from the current point.
Press PLAY to resume watching at normal speed.
Press STOP to exit playback of the program.

Any time you press one of the Playback Control Buttons while watching a previously recorded program, the DVR playback 
controller is displayed. The box to the left indicates the playback function in use.The bar in the middle gives a visual 
representation of where you are in the recording. The filled-in portion of the progress bar indicates how much of the recording has been played.