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A revolutionary personalized service providing, fast, reliable Internet that covers your whole home.




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WTC's managed Wi-Fi starts with 100% free installation. We will deliver your system, optimize your Wi-Fi coverage, and answer every question you have. Your entire home will have coverage with fast, reliable Wi-Fi.


Control your life with

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Enable a guest Wi-Fi network, manage network access, with parental controls, and run bandwidth test to see check performance. All from the intuitive WTC Wi-Fi+ App.


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Enjoy a stress-free, worry-free experience with Wi-Fi installed, supported, and managed by WTC. Updates. Assistance. Support. That's reliability you can count on.


Need Your Connection To Go Farther? We've Got You Covered!


Find out more about WTC's Managed/Mesh Combo.



$10.00 per month



With the increasing number of connected devices and constant online activity within our homes, having dependable Wi-Fi coverage throughout every corner of our residence is becoming increasingly crucial. Regrettably, certain areas in larger homes may pose challenges due to weak or incomplete Wi-Fi coverage.


WTC's Mesh unit is a comprehensive home Wi-Fi system designed to eradicate dead zones and ensure uninterrupted coverage. Mesh Wi-Fi integrates a router with a network of compact wireless devices strategically positioned throughout your home. These devices seamlessly communicate with the router, delivering robust Wi-Fi connectivity to every corner of your home.



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the Ultimate App



Take control of your home with the WTC Wi-Fi+ App





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