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Call Forwarding

This service gives the subscriber the ability to forward incoming calls to another number if the called mobile unit is not reachable, if it is busy, if there is no reply, or if call forwarding is allowed unconditionally.


Call Waiting

A feature allowing the subscriber to be alerted of another call during a current conversation. User can answer the call waiting, but cannot connect all parties (connecting all parties is considered a conference call).


Long Speed Calling

Allows subscribers to assign one or two digit speed calling codes, by dialing a change speed calling list access code, a feature code, and a new telephone number.


Call Forward Busy

Call Forward Busy redirects incoming calls to a number you specify when your line is busy.


Call Forward No Answer

Call Forward No Answer redirects incoming calls to a number you specify if there is no answer after a certain amount of rings.


Selective Call Rejection

Selective Call Rejection screens every call against a "do not accept" list of numbers you create and reject those calls.


Automatic Recall

By pressing a few buttons, your phone will redial the number of the last incoming caller.


Caller ID

Identify the name and number of the party calling before answering the call.


Caller Forward Remote

A service feature that allows calls coming to a remote call forwarding number to be automatically forwarded to any answering location designated by the call receiver.


Unlisted Number

Prevents your telephone number from being listed in the telephone books.


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