Lake Elbo Community Gains Access to WTC Fiber


On September 9th, WTC announced plans to bring Fiber to Lake Elbo, a small lake community northeast of Manhattan. WTC asked for 70% of the community to pre-sign up for service before construction could begin.


After just three weeks, the Lake Elbo community came together to surpass their 70% pre-sign up goal, meaning the expansion of our Fiber Optic network to Lake Elbo will begin very soon!


The people of Lake Elbo will no longer be bothered by slow and inconsistent Internet. With WTC Fiber, they’ll be enjoying speeds of up to 1000 Mbps upload and download, with ultra-reliability. 


Some lake residents have had experience with WTC Fiber in a previous home within our service area, and others have used WTC Fiber while at work for one of our many business customers. This firsthand experience with WTC Fiber added to the excitement of our announcement and greatly accelerated progress toward the pre-sign up goal.


As we work to finish other projects throughout the area, construction at Lake Elbo is tentatively set to begin in mid-November.


“The Lake Elbo community is excited to have another option for its cable and internet services. The speed at which WTC is working to get us up and running out here is impressive. It’s a testament to how they run business — with efficiency, effectiveness, and with their clients front of mind.” - Kelly, Lake Elbo resident


We are incredibly grateful to the Lake Elbo community for the warm welcome we’ve received. By showing your support for our local company, you’ve set the stage for a long and prosperous partnership between Lake Elbo and WTC.


We’re excited to connect our neighbors at Lake Elbo!


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