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50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps…. What does it all mean? When shopping for your Internet services, it’s important to be informed and choose the Internet right for you. In this blog post, we explain upload vs. download speeds, bandwidth, and tips for an informed Internet shopping experience. 


Upload vs. Download

There are two different types of speeds for the Internet – upload speed and download speed. 


Upload speeds are used to send information from your device to the Internet. When you post a photo to social media, send that goofy video to your family member, or have a zoom call with your camera on, you are using upload speeds to send information. If you share a lot to the Internet or often send large files through the Internet, having a fast upload speed is essential.


Download speeds are how fast your Internet can gather information from the network. You use download speeds when you stream your favorite show, play an online game, or visit a website. To retrieve images and information from the Internet, your download speeds are hard at work. 


As an Internet provider, we are committed to giving customers the most reliable connection. This past month, we synchronized all residential customers’ upload speed with their download speed for FREE! This means customer’s upload speeds match their download speeds, giving a greater capacity for customers to send information on the Internet. An increase in upload speeds will provide a boost to sending emails, video calling, content publishing, online gaming, and more.



Bandwidth refers to the volume of data that can be shared through your Internet. When a company lists the Internet package as having “100 Mbps”, the Mbps stands for “Megabits per second”. A ‘Megabit’ is the volume of data being shared - the bandwidth - and ‘per second’ is the speed.


Bandwidth is used to determine the quality and speed of a network. You can check your bandwidth and speed through using our Speed Test, or through the smartphone app Speedtest. Speedtest will show you the download and upload speeds you are receiving so you can tell how well your Internet is performing and whether or not you are getting the speeds you pay for.


There are many factors at play when it comes to Internet speeds. If your Speed Test results are significantly lower than what you pay for, please give us a call to find out what solutions we can offer. 


What Speed Do I Need?

The speed of the Internet needed is impacted by several factors. Below is a guide to assist you in selecting an appropriate Internet package for your household. The two main factors to consider when selecting an Internet package are the number of Internet-connected devices in your household, and the activities these devices are being used for.


With most Internet providers, your Internet speed is throttled when you hit a monthly usage limit. With WTC Internet, there are NO DATA CAPS, ever! You pay for the speed, and we allow you to use that  speed as much and as often as you want. In the guide below, we have included our Internet pricing to help you compare all options for WTC Internet.


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