WTC and State of Kansas Bring Fiber Services to Rural Kansans

Rural areas of Northeast Wabaunsee County will soon have access to fiber broadband from WTC.


Kansas Governor Laura Kelly announced today that WTC is one of 12 recipients of grants that will result in more than $33.9 million in investment funding to improve broadband infrastructure, middle mile connectivity, and Internet Exchange Point capabilities within 12 counties in Kansas. These grants come via the Kansas Lasting Infrastructure and Network Connectivity (LINC) Grant Program facilitated by the Kansas Office of Broadband Development.


WTC, based in Wamego, is well positioned for this project following successful grant applications in previous years where they implemented Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) technology. The new award will bring fiber broadband to approximately 155 homes, businesses, and farms located in a 55 square mile area of northeast Wabaunsee County. The total project brings more than $2.5 million in funding to build broadband infrastructure.


(Visual of grant coverage areas)


Jim MacGregor and Wabaunsee County were instrumental throughout the grant process, with the County providing a significant financial investment to assist with the project. “High speed internet access has been a priority for us the last several years because it is such a game changer for our families, ranches, and small businesses,” commented Jim MacGregor, County Commissioner, and resident of Wabaunsee County. “We appreciate the work our partner, WTC, has done on this and other projects, and we are thankful for the opportunity provided by the State Office of Broadband,” he added.


“As we worked through the grant application process, the support we received from the County was tremendous. To see their reaction to this opportunity shows an incredible amount of community commitment,” stated Jeff Wick, CEO of WTC.  “WTC understands the challenges of delivering advanced communication services in today's connected environment, so having the opportunity to bring fiber to these underserved areas of the state is extremely exciting and rewarding for us,”.


This project will also have a tremendous impact on the businesses located along I-70. “I am excited that Wabaunsee County, in WTC, has found an Internet provider who can meet the needs of my fellow Kansans on the timeline the LINC Program requires,” said Mark Augustine, owner and President of the Maple Hill 24-7 Travel Store. “And, having the ability to access fiber broadband at our business is going to significantly improve the way in which we do business,” he Included.


WTC is headquartered in Wamego (KS) and provides a full line of Voice, Internet, and Video services to residential, governmental, educational, and commercial clients. For more information about WTC, please visit or call 785-456-1000.




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