WTC Fiber Announces Major Expansion into Manhattan Homes


The long-awaited question has been answered – Yes, WTC is bringing fiber broadband to the residents of Manhattan, KS.


WTC, which has a long history of providing Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) technology, is excited to announce that its next fiber expansion project will be to the residents and households of Manhattan. WTC has been building a fiber network to the businesses and apartments in Manhattan for several years, so with over $25 million already invested, the next logical step forward is to expand its fiber network to the entire City.


“Fiber connectivity for a community changes everything” stated Jeff Wick, CEO of WTC. “Fiber broadband is not just about faster Internet speeds, it builds a foundation of innovation, community development and economic growth,” he added.  


Fiber broadband is a prime amenity, enabling remote work environments, improving educational opportunities, advancing access to healthcare services, and fostering economic development.


“Investing in fiber isn’t just a technological upgrade but a strategic investment in the economic well-being and overall development of our community,” stated Jason Smith, President and CEO of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. “The positive ripple effects of such an initiative will contribute to a more inclusive, connected, and economically vibrant society.”


With pre-construction already underway, residents will see fiber crews working in the coming months. The timeline for this project is up to 36 months, depending on material availability and weather conditions. For more information on the process and to monitor progress, please visit


WTC is headquartered in Wamego (KS) and provides a full line of Voice, Internet, and Video services to residential, governmental, educational, and commercial clients. For more information about WTC, please visit or call 785-456-1000. 


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