WTC Fiber Construction Bringing Lightning-Fast Internet to Manhattan

We're on a mission to transform Internet connectivity in Manhattan, and our recent announcement to invest $50 million towards Manhattan Fiber network expansion is just the beginning!

But you might be wondering, what exactly goes into bringing Fiber Internet to your neighborhood? Let's dive in and explore the process behind our Fiber construction.

Behind every high-speed Fiber connection is a meticulous construction process that spans several stages:

  1. Pre-Construction Survey: Before we even break ground, our team conducts thorough surveys of the area to assess the existing infrastructure and plan the best route for laying Fiber cables. We take extra care to locate and mark underground utility lines, ensuring the safety of both our crew and existing infrastructure.

  2. Directional Boring: With the groundwork laid, it's time to start laying down Fiber cables. Our skilled construction crews use specialized equipment to carefully bore precise underground pathways for the Fiber to run through, while minimizing disruptions to the surface level and the surrounding area.

  3. Connecting Your Neighborhood: Once our Fiber is in place, we begin the process of connecting your neighborhood to our network. Distribution points, also known as pedestals, are installed strategically throughout the area to facilitate the distribution of Fiber connections directly to individual homes and businesses.

  4. Splicing and Testing: With the network infrastructure in place, our technicians meticulously splice and test each Fiber connection to ensure optimal performance. This involves fusing individual Fiber strands together and conducting rigorous speed tests to verify the integrity of the connection.

  5. Installation and Activation: Finally, it's time to bring Fiber Internet directly to your doorstep! Our dedicated technicians work with homeowners and business owners to install Fiber equipment and activate their new high-speed connections. From setting up routers to configuring devices, we're here to ensure a seamless transition to WTC Fiber Internet.

Once your home is connected with WTC Fiber, you'll notice an immediate improvement in your Internet experience. With Gigabit speeds at your fingertips, you'll enjoy lightning-fast downloads, smooth streaming, and lag-free online gaming. Plus, Fiber is incredibly reliable even during peak usage hours.

The future of Internet connectivity is here, and we’re thrilled to bring it to Manhattan! As a locally-owned and operated company, WTC is committed to delivering more than just high-speed Internet – we're dedicated to providing personalized service and support that you won't find with big corporate providers.

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